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FirstMoney.In (1st$n) is a program for startup founders to apply to experienced startup angel investors on a standard deal of $5,000 in return for 0.2% of your company. It is designed to facilitate access to capital for never-before-funded companies, especially those led by founders who identify as Women, BIPOC, and/or LGBTQ+. All startups are welcome and encouraged to apply.

Why Apply to 1st$n?

While most venture capital requires founders to sell a large stake to investors, the 1st$n deal is purposely modest and as simple as possible. The program uses a standard deal: a $5,000 investment with a $2.5 million cap on a SAFE: Valuation Cap, no Discount. The investment purchases 0.2% equity in your company. In the application, you may optionally request to sell more of your company for a $10,000 or $25,000 investment. 1st$n is not affiliated with Y Combinator in any way, but the program uses their verbatim SAFE document for the financing agreement.

How the program works:

  1. You fill out an application. It is five questions: your email, your company name, founder names, a 50-character short description, and a 150-word pitch.

  2. Upon submission, a group of experienced angel investors will have access to the application for 10 days. You may update your application during its open window.

  3. If one or more angel investors are interested, they will contact you directly for an interview. All angels have different styles for investing, but most will require two meetings. Similar to being called for a startup accelerator interview, the chances for an investment are still less than 25%. Any investor who conducts an person-to-person interview and passes is expected to provide at least a few sentences of written feedback. Any investment facilitated by 1st$n is a private agreement between the startup and a specific investor. As a founder, you are not obligated to take investment money from anyone.

  4. After ten days, 1st$n will inform you that your application has been closed.

  5. Please only reapply after your company has made significant new progress.

Apply Here

Participation is free for both founders and investors. If you have questions, visit the 1st$n Help forum at Openland.

For Angels

While we want every startup to apply, the program requires its angels to be experienced and awesome. To participate as an angel investor on the 1st$n platform, you must:

Besides these requirements, 1st$n is committed to fostering an open and welcoming environment. Participants should review the community's Code of Conduct.

Inclusion to the 1st$n angel network is by invitation only. Membership is free, but the bar is high. Member angels have invested in an average of 23 startups each, with a median of 14.

Program Status
November 2020: Active and Accepting Startup Applications

Why Apply?

About FirstMoney.In

The 1st$n program was created by several investors and technologists to discover underrepresented and underestimated founders. In itself, 1st$n does not generate revenue. The angels benefit through increased dealflow, and founders get their pitches in front of potential investors.

As founders, be aware that "first money" is not easy to get. Startup investors tend to invest in 1% or less of startups they evaluate. With multiple angels independently considering your application, we anticipate the likelihood of investment will be similar to a top-tier accelerator. Angels invest when they believe your team, your abilities, your product, and the market can lead to a massive return. We are excited you have chosen to become an entrepreneur. Best wishes on your path!

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